Newly Forgotten Technologies (NFTs)

Newly Forgotten Technologies (or ‘NFTs’ for short) is a series of performances, installations, and sound-objects that examines how technologies such as AI/machine learning, ‘smart’ devices, and blockchain technologies intersect with ecological crises and the quasi-religious belief in ‘progress’.

The first part of this project is Newly Forgotten Technologies (Five Echoes).  In this audio-visual live performance, five malfunctioning Amazon Echo smart speakers tell stories about their hidden histories and the ecological costs of their existence.  Across five films, the stories invite audiences to see the Amazon Echo as a lens through which we can look at themes of ‘progress’ and ‘the future’ in the Anthropocene.

The films are accompanied by a live score composed entirely from the voice of the Alexa smart assistant, where it has been dissected and distorted to amplify the dis-human nature of the voice, creating sparsely ambient textures fitting to the stories of loss and hope in the five films.


This performance debuted in Berlin and London in April 2022.

Newly Forgotten Technologies (NFTs) is an ongoing project.  No part of this project will ever use blockchain technologies.