Life In Mono

At the start of January 2016 I suffered a punctured left ear drum.

While it has not caused complete hearing loss in that ear, my hearing is currently greatly reduced, and what hearing I have left has a very strange quality to it.  Using my functional right ear as a reference point, I’ve made this piece of software to emulate the strange pressure and sound world that I’m experiencing with my punctured left ear drum.

The software allows you to use either the microphone input on your Mac to hear the sounds around you, or you can choose to hear audio files through the punctured ear drum emulator.  Either way, this is best used with headphones for full effect, with the volume on your computer up fairly high (the effect is, unsurprisingly, low in volume).

Punctured ear drums generally repair themselves within two months (all being well).

This software runs on Mac OSX, and is available to download here: